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Radical Insider 4: VP Talks About The Future Of Viggle

Radford C. May 22, 2012 0


Jason Reindorp is the Vice President of Marketing of Viggle – a loyalty program that gives fans the ability to earn points towards real rewards by checking in to shows they are already watching. It’s an interesting app that debuted back in February and has provided some nice bonuses for fans who are loyal to their TV series, sports teams and everything in between.

In the podcast, Reindorp talks about how Viggle is finding new ways for traditional TV to engage with their audience. We talk a little bit about the company’s first steps, his time with the company since its infancy and its technical wizardry in how the app works in some of the most loudest ambient noises during check-in as well as some new ideas that Viggle is exploring.

Interestingly, we get into real insider talk and delve into how the deals are made between Hollywood and Viggle, how the rewards are done and other tidbits that will ultimately engage with brands and shows in a whole new way. Then as we reach the tail end of the podcast, we talk about Viggle’s next step in getting awareness of its app – some of which will involve more traditional approaches like commercials. It’s an intriguing romp that could possibly pique the interests of those want to know more about Viggle and overall dealings of marketing.

Hosts: Radford Castro

Guest: Jason Reindorp

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