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Radical Insider 5: YouMail CEO Alex Quilici

Radford C. Jun 12, 2012 0


I got a chance to chat with YouMail CEO Alex Quilici. Last week, his company made some headlines while we were at E3. IntoMobile reported YouMail amassing as many as 17.5 million active users and 75 million who have interacted with the service at some point. Anyone not famliar with YouMail needs to watch this video:

Keep in mind that was back in 2007. 5 years later, the business continues to keep a steady increase in membership despite RIM’s disappointment of YouMail leaving the Blackberry fray. RIM’s Alec Saunders then called out Quilici by saying “YouMail’s flagship product, visual voicemail, isn’t a business anymore – it’s a feature that comes on your phone, and it has been that way since Apple first launched the feature in June 2007 on iPhone. It’s no surprise, either, that YouMail’s business on BlackBerry is declining.” But at 17.5 million active users — it doesn’t seem too shabby at all for a product that “isn’t a business anymore.”

In the latest episode of the Radical Insider, we settle the score on why YouMail pulled from Blackberry as well as delving into his past with Quackware before selling it to America Online for $200 million. Quilici takes us through the story pages of his startup, his love for entrepreneurship as well as balancing work and family.


Guest: Alex Quilici

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