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RaiderZ Closed Beta Impressions

Andrew Lee Aug 21, 2012 1

RaiderZ is a upcoming free to play mmorpg developed by Maiet Entertainment, and published by Perfect World Entertainment. Recently, RaiderZ has gone into its Closed Beta phase and this is my first experience with the game. I personally was curious about what kind of experience I would receive from playing the game. From what I had seen with different trailers, RaiderZ seemed to almost appear like the old classic Phantasy Star Online that some people might remember. Of course, as soon as I jumped in and logged on, that was completely different. To start off with, RaiderZ opens up like a standard MMO with your login information and a place to put in your password. After which, you get the choice of which server you’d like to create a character upon.

Character creation seemed like many other similar MMORPG games out there, however from the start, you are able to customize how he or she will look like. Unlike other games that have similar features in the character creation process, the RaiderZ game allows a player to zoom in or out onto a character to confirm that they like a specific look or color on their character. From there, you can also pick your starting “class” for your character. In this case, I went with a Defender since in most MMORPGs, I am used to playing a “Tank” role. RaiderZ seems to be well thought out because as soon as you are thrown into the world, you’re instantly given a tutorial of some of the basic controls and functions. For those not unfamiliar with MMOs, you still have to go through a tutorial sequence but are instantly thrown into the action and process of how the questing system works in RaiderZ. From that instance, it seems that RaiderZ has a good understanding of getting its players to know how the questing system works and does it in a way where it doesn’t seem tedious and complicated.

The player view and heads up display look and feel like a typical MMORPG layout. It seems that RaiderZ wanted to keep things familiar while keeping the game unique and fresh with their own look. This seems to work as any of the crucial displays are not impairing the view of the player character or any combat that might be occuring off screen. In addition, those windows as well as the world chat window are transparent to a certain extent which allows to see if there is an object, character, etc. on the edge of your screen. Combat was the big thing that surprised me as I stated earlier that I was expecting something along the lines of Phantasy Star Online. Ironically, the action is real-time, similar to other MMORPGs. While RaiderZ seems to have similar characteristics in the combat engine to World Of Warcraft or Phantasy Star Online, it seems to go a different direction in the execution. Normal attacks are controlled by your mouse clicks while you still have class like abilities that you can expend on cooldown, very much like MMORPGs that are modeled similar to World Of Warcraft. However, as you level your character, you will eventually be able to learn another class’ abilities, giving you the flexibility of creating your own unique class.

The area and world map are very detailed as the icons that indicate your active quests are seem easy to find. However, in the case of the mini-map or the area map, there seems to be no option to filter icons for the player to either filter certain quests off or for resource nodes. While despite being in CBT, the RaiderZ world seems to be pretty extensive. Quests that are on your journal will have a little arrow on the mini-map, pointing in the general direction of where a player should go.

The graphics for RaiderZ seem very well done for a free to play MMORPG as textures stand out very well. Even on a lower view distance and possibly a lower end rig, the overall look would possibly still appeal to players as this game seemed to be designed for many different kinds of rigs.

The party system seems pretty straight forward however, when adding friends or other people that you meet in game, they have to be in front of you in order to do that. For the moment, it seems that there is no option to manually add a friend based off of the character name but that may be implemented in the next build, patch, or even open beta.

In short, RaiderZ seems to be a MMORPG that has a lot of potential but still needs some polishing before it is fully released to the public.