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Real Life Levitation via Quantum Superconductors. English: Hoverboards (video)

Radford C. Oct 18, 2011 2

Tel-Aviv University is the second-highest ranked university in Israel who’s known to put together some engineering feats but we believe that Doc Brown accidentally left his hoverboard at the university after watching this demonstration. Called Quantum Levitation, the technology behaves similarly to how we would’ve imagined anti-gravity to behave in sci-fi movies. And it’s not just a bunch of magnets ‘n stuff. Using a form of superconduction, the demonstrator shows how an object can levitate at a fixed position and can be adjusted at will and still maintain the exact positioning without much compromise. What’s really amazing is how they were able to demonstrate a working prototype of an object moving on a track – using levitation. Check out the video after the break. Pretty ridiculous.

Makes you wonder what else maybe in the horizon of our lifetime. Warp technology? Who knows.

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