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Rumor: Wii 2’s Controller Touchscreens and Processing Power

Radford C. Apr 21, 2011 5

Looks like Project Cafe has been brewing a few more cups of cool rumors. French gaming site 01net speculates that Nintendo’s real enemy is not Sony or Microsoft but Apple. Nintendo’s rumored answer? An integrated touchscreen on the controller. 01net’s sources also believe that the tablet screen is not in high definition and the graphics capability of the controllers were modest in performance but sufficient for a variety of applications. Concepts still remain to be invented.

It would be sort of a “super VMU” (the device from the Dreamcast, which included a storage memory and an LCD for mini-games) on steroids at 6 inches with a digital cross, L/R buttons and two triggers. The touchscreen is said to be single touch and will also have a built-in camera.

Microsoft and Nintendo: Secret Lovers

01net’s sources also say that Big N decided to use an architecture very similar to that of an existing console – the XBox 360. It will be slightly faster than the Microsoft machine in terms of raw processing power and is said that the Microsoft machine and its network was analyzed heavily. This choice of architecture will play a major part on how publishers release games on multiple platforms – in particular XBox 360’s platform. This allows Xbox 360 games to be easily ported to Nintendo’s new console with ease and ensuring an influx of games which has been a continuing burden for publishers. The new console is said to be the most developer friendly console created by Nintendo. Some would say that the current Wii console was often described as a curse for third party publishers which left a bitter taste in the mouths of many developers. Nintendo has heard the message, stating its willingness to work closely with other developers, providing them at the outset how to create the best conditions. The choice of an architecture similar to that of the Xbox 360 obviously meets this objective.

Let’s hope these rumors crescendo into something great at E3.

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