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Sell Your Music Directly To Your Fans With Nimbit

Sean W. Aug 3, 2012 1


Nimbit Screenshot

Nimbit is a service that gives musicians the power to market and sell their music directly to fans. Recently picked up by PreSonus, Nimbit empowers the musician with marketing, promotion and sales tools that, for the longest time, were out of reach for most.

Nimbit offers services that work for aspiring musicians looking to expand their music career. First off is promotion and the service gives the artist the ability to send out song links to fans via email, Facebook or Twitter. Tracking and sales analytics are available so it’s easy to see if one of these methods is working better than another. As fans start to follow an artist, then the artist can communicate direct to fans to keep them engaged. For example, an artist can ask their fans to share music to build more fans.

Nimbit gives the artist the ability to sell their music digitally to fans and in addition, the service, for a monthly fee, will help with physical goods like CDs and T-shirts. Music can be sold through a dedicated web store given to all with a Nimbit account as well as through Facebook. Other services that Nimbit works with includes iTunes, Napster, Amazon’s music store and more. The service also gives the artist a single place to promote shows and sell tickets for those shows.

Nimbit has two plans available for users, a free plan and a plus plan. Both plans are identical except with the plus plan, the artist can sell physical CDs and other merchandise. Nimbit will deal will the storage cost of the CD’s and more so artist will not have to manage that themselves. An advanced sales page for the artist will be available so the artist’s page can reflect their personality and the songs will be sent to iTunes and Spotify via DittoMusic. Lastly, a customizable store can be embedded on other sites like Myspace giving people more chances to support the artist and their music.

Nimbit has been recently acquired by PreSonus. PreSonus CEO stated, “We see such a bright future for their business model, even beyond the music industry”. As of August 1st, PreSonus has added the ability to upload music directly from Studio One 2 Professional to Nimbit’s servers.  Nimbit was a privately owned company base in Massachusetts where their headquarters will remain after the acquisition.  They’ve recieved various funding from multiple venture capital firms over the years.