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Short Movie Dedicated To Busting Internet Scams

Radford C. May 13, 2012 0

Scamworld: The Movie was created by the Salty Droid, the handle used by Jason Jones – a 36-year-old lawyer living in Chicago bent on cataloging all the Internet Marketing’s scams, lies and telling the stories of the victims wrapped in dark humor. “This is a really dark topic,” says Jones, “and the [victims] feel raped almost, so the sense of outrage [on the site] is appropriate to their level of suffering.”

The Salty Droid is a character Jones created when he was going between jobs while studying web programming  and leaving bits of rants on Twitter and Blogger.

“The moment where I had the idea for The Salty Droid [blog] is actually on the site, it’s a really early post where I’m talking to this guy on Twitter, he responds to me — his name is Matt Bacak,” a well-known Internet Marketer.

Bacak and Jones went through a tussle through Twitter and eventually it led to the creation of the Salty Droid blog and ultimately the Scamworld movie. Check the out The Verge’s article on Scamworld on the source below. It’s a comprehensive post on the seedy world of Internet Marketing. Although the short movie t0uches a little bit on video, it’s an eye opener and keeps web developers and SEO people in check.

Via »The Verge