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Significant update to UI in Google+ Android app

Radford C. May 25, 2012 0

Google Plus Logo

When iOS devices received an update to their Google+ app, Google Senior Vice President Vic Gundrota, said the Android version will debut shortly with aplomb – “a few extra surprises”.  Full bleed pictures, sharper fonts, and larger profile pics were rounded out with a revamped home screen. Today, the Google+ app arrives for Android devices and includes a bevy of features that have been anticipated by the Android community since its iOS update.

One of these features include the ability to Initiate a Hangout from the main menu and notification beep/ring for when people actually join the hangoug. There’s also the ability to edit your existing posts. The messenger feature now provides suggestions for people you know as well as the ability to download photos from Messenger conversations.

I got a chance to briefly play with the new app on the Galaxy Player and its impressive to say the least. The complete redesign has helped improve the speed and allows users to get to profiles faster and more efficient messaging. The new update makes it clear that Google has been listening to its avid Android fans, as the company has incorporated some of the most user-requested features. Check it out at Google Play.

Via »Android Central