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Sony E3 Press Conference Summary

Sean W. Jun 6, 2011 0

Sony PSN

Sony came to E3 to partially redeem themselves after the PSN outage and deliver information on a new gaming handheld system.

After starting late, and with a montage featuring Resistance, Starhawk, Uncharted and Twisted Metal and more, show finally started.

Jack Tretton started off the conference with a humble speech apologizing for the PSN to retailers, journalist, third party  developers and consumers.

Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

Sony then presents Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception.   It starts on a boat with great rain effects as Drake sneaks inside stealthily killing troops.  Water effects looks great while the boat sinks (of course the boat sinks).  They also tell of a new promotion with Subway for early access to the entire game, not a demo or a beta.

Resistance 3

They show off a part of the game in St. Louis.  There are new shield drones which will protect  Chimeran enemies.   The battles look pretty good and the game is in 3D with Move support.  A Resistance 3 sharpshooter bundle will be released for $150 with a Move, Sharpshooter, a Navigation controller and the game.

NBA 2K ’12

They show off new Move integration for NBK 2K ’12.  Kobe Bryant comes out and plays as the games on stage and gives props to the developers over the games visuals.

Medieval Moves: Deadman’s Quest

3D Move title from the makers of Sports Champions.  It is pretty much the archery and gladiator portions of Sports Champion in a game, but looks to be on-rails.  Available in Fall 2011.

Infamous 2

They show a new trailer of the game, very action oriented.  Supports PS Move…..?


New Starhawk teaser trailer shown focusing on the new main character and many of the vehicles including the mechs and jeeps.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Teaser trailer for a new Sly Cooper game.

Dust 514

Dust is a PS3 exclusive shooter / MMO that will release summer 2012.  Features PC, NGP and Move compatibility.

Bioshock Infinite

Gameplay footage of Bioshock Infinite is shown in a trailer.  Kevin Levine comes out on stage and explains why they incorporated PS Move into the game.  PS3 version of Bioshock Infinite will also come with the original Bioshock game on the disc.

Star Trek

New Star Trek Co-Op game will also be move compatible and Paramount is releaseing a Star Trek Move controller said to look like a phaser.  A 2012 release on this game also.

Electronic Arts announcements and exclusive content

SSX will feature a Mt Fuji exclusive course.

Need For Speed:The Run will have extra vehicles.

Battlefield 3 will come with the full Battlefield 1942 game on the disk.

NGP Announcement / Playstation Vita

The name is official named Playstation Vita (we knew that already).  After recapping the features they mentioned about the device at GDC earlier this year, Sony announces exclusive 3G support with AT&T.  The Vita feature a Party Room and Near, which are social experiences that are specific to Vita.

According to Sony, they claimed there are 80 titles available, before they started another montage.  It is available winter 2011.  The Wi-Fi version will be $250, the 3G / Wi-Fi model will sell for $299.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

They showed a demo of Uncharted: Golden Abyss.  Graphics look great, traditional Uncharted gameplay.  The game can be controlled by touch controls or regular button controls.   Moving your finger, you can drag across a group of ledges and Drake will auto climb across them.  Game looks solid.


An action RPG for Vita and PS3.  It’s a 3/4 view hack and slash game, really good graphics and carries features that are compatible with Facebook and Twitter.  The PS3 version is a separate SKU with similar functionality of the Transfarring feature Kojima announced last week with Peace Walker.

ModNation Racers

A Playstation Vita version is being developed with editing made easy with the touch controls.  Loading seems to be much less than the PS3 version.  Vita version will be compatible with user content from the PS3 version.

Little Big Planet

PS Vita version of this game being made also.  Looks like it has features of LBP 2 with touch controls.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter X Tekken is also coming to the PS Vita featuring Cole from inFamous.  The developer  got his butt whipped on stage by the AI.  Fighting still seems OK.

Official Playstation Branded Monitor

Sony announced the Playstation branded 3D 24″ display. This display is designed for bedroom/ dorm room use and is designed to lower the cost of entry for gamers to enjoy 3D content.

The screen supports dual screen co-op play.  This means two gamers can see two different images at the same time on the same screen.  This can be a godsend for Madden players for each person will see their own game and plays.

The monitor will sell as a package.  The package will include with the monitor the game Resistance 3, one set of glasses and a HDMI cable for only $499.  The glasses will sell standalone for $70 each.

Other Announcements

Sony made many announcements that were small through out the conference.

They are adding access to CinemaNow, another video service for the PS3.  They say this service will be available later this year.

God Of War: Origins Collection and the  Ico / Shadow of the Collections have been announced.  Both titles Launching in September, in full 3D.  The Origins collection will be both PSP games on one Blu-Ray disc.

PS Move update coming to Little Big Planet 2.

Exclusive Saints Row content is also coming.


Sony is obviously going for the hardcore gamer.  The apology seem to go over well with the crowd there and the games they showed were great.  They made it a big point to show Move is not dead, and is still an option for gamers.  The PS Vita announcement was fantastic.  They showed off good games, great graphics and use of the touch controls.  The price is excellent.  Most analysts predicted $300 to $350, but a $250 starting point will surely put pressure on Nintendo and the 3DS.

Lastly, the joke Jack Tretton said about Kaz Hirai and  “Ridge Racer” was funny, I’m sure Kaz never hears the end of that one.