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Toshiba’s Qosimo F750 3D Glasses Free Laptop Has Been Announced!

Tony Hannides Jul 8, 2011 0



Don't worry, the dog doesn't bite in 3D


It was only a matter of time that 3D came to the laptop. And why not? More and more companies are jumping on the 3D-bandwagon and succeeding. This new laptop from Toshiba, the Qosimo F750,  is actually impressive in regards to its specs and performance. This laptop was demoed at CES 2011 and gained a lot of attention. Available in August 2011, this may start another market that the average consumer is looking to fulfill.

The 3D is very impressive since it is the first 3D laptop that is glasses free. It’s 15.6″ screen supports 2D and 3D simultaneously so you are able to watch a 3D movie in one window while getting some 2D Powerpoint work done in another. Unlike how the 3D works on the Nintendo 3DS and the LG Thrill 4G, the laptop has a webcam that can track your eye movement to give you the best possible viewing angle for the 3D. According to the guys from TWIT, there is a little lag if you move your head too much so please, no headbanging.

Internally, it runs a Intel Core i processor, NVIDIA graphics and sound from Harman Kardon with Dolby Advanced Audio. Unfortunately, the battery only seems to last 3 hours unplugged but at least it lasts for the length of an average movie.  Check out this awesome promotional video released by Toshiba on YouTube:


The starting price will be around $2100 which realistically isn’t unreasonable. So will you buy one? Let us know!


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