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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Hands-On Impressions

Radford C. Jun 8, 2012 0

Transformers Fall Of Cybertron

We got a chance to get our hands on the game since its first announcement and latest updates. Transformers: FoC looks and plays alot more fluid than its prequel. We played on the XBox 360 version but we presume that the experience should be identical to the PS3 version. The hands-on demo gets you to play the baddest of all Autobots – Optimus Prime.

The graphics are a definitely leap from its prequel as well and weapon management has been simplified to minimize confusion. The controls between vehicle and robot mode seem to have been playtested to get optimal performance from the default setting. The TF character models have alot more intricate details where you can actually see Optimus’ functional exhaust ports, bearings, servos and other parts.

The Autobot leader’s arms slightly transform to accommodate different types of weapons. Changing from vehicle to robot and back is very fluid and purposeful – each part of the robot moves and twists in such a detailed fashion that you can almost draw the transforming frames in your mind. Additionally, the transformation between modes is fast enough to address most battle scenarios.

While the game only sets you up with two weapons at this time you also have a variety of abilities. In Robot Mode, Left Trigger (LT) is used to aim, Right Trigger (RT) is fire, A is for Jump while clicking down on the left stick changes modes. In vehicle mode, LT is boost, RT is to shoot and A is to jump.  Vehicle mode seems to be the way to traverse through ground quickly while Robot mode is the preffered way to deal with enemies in close quarters.

Check the jump on the video to hear the rest of our impressions in the game, we came off confident that Transformer fans will find the game not only more accessible but refined.

Optimus Prime (Hands-On Video)

Grimlock (Video Gameplay)