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Ubisoft Press Conference E3 2012 Live Blog

Radford C. Jun 4, 2012 0
We're here at the Los Angeles Theater to get a glimpse at some of Ubisoft's latest lineup. There are quite a number of games that we are expecting to take a good luck at including Assassin's Creed III, Beyond Good and Evil 2 (maybe), Far Cry 3, Splinter Cell: Blacklist and a whole slew of other games that we expect to show up in the lineup.


We reaching the tail end and ….well, that’s it.


The HUD shows the whereabouts of the police but the intriguing part is how the player can hack into cameras (and other characters?). Still uncertain but the game graphics are pushing levels above what we’re normally seeing in current console graphics.


Now we’re getting into some serious gunplay and it’s interesting to say the least. We’re seeing Slo-mo mechanics, slide attacks with gunplay over the carhood and alot of environment interactivity. The game looks very impressive to say the least.


The character now shows off eavesdropping abilities and can anticipate “violence probability” percentage as he approaches a target. Character takes out extended baton and beats the crap out of him.


The character walks around nonchalantly, hands in his pocket. Walks slowly into a club. Now we’re noticing some very nice looking facial animation rivaling that of the L.A. Noire.


The next cutscene seems makes heavy use of HDR lighting and looks very atmospheric. There is uncanny resemblance with GTA but it ends once we see the how the protagonist shows a very complex HUD where the player can hack a variety of mobile devices in one fell swoop.



Creative Director is now going to show off the first gameplay of the game – developed by Ubisoft Montreal.


Game takes place called “CTOS”


The game now goes into a long cutscene dropping a bunch of facts about personal privacy, user behavior, etc.
“All data is interconnected.”

“It’s all from the same network. Today everything can be hacked.”


Ubisoft Co-founder and CEO Yves Guillemot is introducing a brand new IP that’s been in development for 2 years.


All Free To Play F2P.  Trails Evolution, The Settlers Online, Ghost Recon Online, Shoot Many Robots and a few others we missed.


We’re now going through a montage of games….


It’s a 3 vs. 3 game (red. vs. blue) and it looks really really simple. Lazers. Lots of lazers. The commentators are browsing through the map with the spectator cam and looking at the arena to see who’s shot who. Looks like Quake. More details will be found at the E3 floor later.


Basically it’s a multiplayer game where they’re pitting top FPS gamers (Counter Strike champions) and it looks like a rocket launcher fest.


In the final run, Conner takes out a special Redcoat of significance. Flying from above with his bladed musket and shanking him fom high above. Classic. There’s so much friggin’ bass BTW.


Now we’re seeing Conner get into close combat and goes hand to hand with the soldier. When a distant soldier notices the killing, he runs for help. Conner goes after him and takes him out.


Conner has a voice! No accent. Very American.


Ok. Now for some gameplay video. Conner is jumping across branches, landing easily and brutally defending himself from the wolves with his infamous retractable closeup knife attack.


The cutscene really shows off Ubisoft’s cinematic department as shows the new character, Conner, rides his horse in the middle of battle rips the Redcoats to shreds.


We’re now looking at Assassin’s Creed III. It’s a CGI cutscene.


The teaser makes use of the flying camera during a frozen timeline. The game? Zombi-U or ZimbiU to really make the emphasis on the Wii U.


Looks like another zombie apocalypse game – again. Not sure what is is yet. Looks Resident Evil-ish


Rayman Legends (the official name) shows off the sync use between the Pro controller and gamepad. We’ll have to play this on the floor tomorrow for more details.


We missed a couple of pretty cool games. One of which is the Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Farcry. Now, they are showing for the very first time a game designed is designed for the Wii U’s gamepad and Pro Controller.