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Using Social Media in Thailand Could Get you Jail Time

Victor B. Jul 3, 2011 2


No, not really.  Just on Saturday.

Over 100 police in Thailand will be monitoring social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to make sure that no one is using the sites for campaigning before their election on July 3rd.  A tweet could set you back an equivalent of $330, and/or six months of jail time.

“Any candidates and their supporters will face jail time if they are caught campaigning on social media websites on the evening before the July 3 election,” Suthiphon Thaveechaiyagarn, Secretary General of the Election Commision says.

This is a measure taken to prevent cheating and “revitalize democracy after six years of crisis.”

VIA Rueters

  • Mike Baker

    Are you kidding me? Can I text my address book? or will I go to jail for that too? WTF?

  • Sean Wilburn

    'This is a measure taken to prevent cheating and revitalize democracy after six years of crisis."'

    If this is the step they are having to take to have a fair election, I think they might have bigger problems that need to be addressed.