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Wolfenstein 3D Celebrates 20th Anniversary as Free To Play Browser Game

Radford C. May 9, 2012 2

Bethesda Softworks, which acquired iD Software back in 2009, is releasing a browser-based version of Wolfenstein 3D to celebrate its release 20 years ago.

You can play the game directly off Bethesda’s Wolfenstein subsite. The game supports most modern browsers including Google Chrome 16, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 11, and Apple Safari 5. The game is mouse-enabled but plays horribly with it. Instead, a mouse pointer is used to approximate the acceleration of the turn as opposed to just turning your character.

Most players will find the keyboard the most optimal – especially for those acclimated to the DOS-version. The game has all full 3 episodes including Escape From Wolfenstein, Operation: Eisenfaust and Die, Fuhrer, Die!

The game also has the classic difficulty levels including the cult favorite “I am Death Incarnate”

You can customize the keyboard controls as well as switch the sound and music on or off. Just like the DOS-version, there are no volume adjustments. Sadly, the browser-based Wolfenstein does not have the capability to go full screen so if you’re running a monitor in high resolution, you’re going to need a microscope. However, it’s important to note that the game ran in just 320-by-200 with 256-color VGA graphics.

The sound and music are pretty much a mirror version of its DOS counterpart and has all of the Mylabens, Ayeeees, doggy sounds and ridiculously loud sliding door noises you’d expect to see in this version.

Check it out at the source below.

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