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Zen Pinball 2 Has Been Announced For The PS3 / PS Vita

Sean W. Apr 12, 2012 0

Zen Studios have announced the latest version of their popular pinball video game.  The update is called Zen Pinball 2 and it adds on new features and a bonus deal if you own a PS Vita and a PS3.

Zen Studios is finally allowing access to all the Zen Pinball tables and the Marvel Pinball tables from a single program.  They’ve also improved the ball physics on the tables, 3-D support and announced that those who buy the game on either the PS3 or the PS Vita will get the game on the other platform.

The update is free for all Marvel and Zen Pinball owners.  All the high scores, tables and gaming progress will be carried over to the new program so everyone breathe easy.  Essentially, they are combining both Marvel and Zen Pinball into a single easier to access program.

All the tables will feature fully playable demos and for those trophy hunters out there, it will have more of those also.  The Zen Pinball 2 update is free for everyone to grab, so the finally, the barrier of entry is non-existant and will see what has gotten such good reviews again, again and again.

Zen Studios is timing the update to match the release of the Marvel’s Avengers table pack this Spring.