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How to Troubleshoot Wireless Connectivity Problem With Your IBM Thinkpad T42 Laptop

Jay Decenella Feb 5, 2013 0

IBM Thinkpad T42 laptop

Don’t throw your IBM Thinkpad T42 laptop to the trash can if its wireless connectivity acts up, no matter how that wracks your nerve. The most common trouble encountered by IBM Thinkpad T42 users is the sporadic loss of wireless connection to access points, often with unsuccessful reconnection attempts. Rebooting the laptop may resume the connection, but only for a couple of minutes or so, which causes so much hassle to the user.

Although weak wireless signal or interference could explain the connectivity problem most of the time, other possibilities are worth looking into. This does not come without a solution, of course. The are several best practices to troubleshoot wireless connectivity problem with your IBM Thinkpad T42 laptop.

  • Transfer the router to a central location in your house, or somewhere with less obstruction. As do other brands of computers, the IBM Thinkpad T42 laptop establishes stronger wireless connection when closer to the access point.
  • If that does not solve the issue, consider updating the driver. The IBM Thinkpad T42 laptop is obviously an old version of the brand, with the Wireless B/G as the wireless device. Go to the IBM website and download the latest network driver. Lenovo just released an update to the Thinkpad T42 and T42p drivers.
  • The above suggestions have been tried out, and your connectivity problem remains unsolved. Another option you could best turn to is updating your router firmware, as most manufacturers constantly release updates to plug loopholes.
  • The last thing that you could most probably do to address your connectivity issue with an IBM Thinkpad T42 laptop is to update the hardware. Alternatively, you can buy a USB wireless adapter for easier installation and cheaper cost.