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1TB Memory Cards? Thank you Sony.

Radford C. Apr 12, 2011 0

No, that’s not a misprint: 1 Terabyte Memory Card capable of 4K production. I almost fell out of my chair halfway reading the headline. Although accompanied by the disclaimer Future Technology Demonstration,” letting Sony fans know how serious they are about expanding their SRMemory card line-up.

Imagine a solid state memory card about the size of a Hershey Bar, with storage capacity up to 1 Terabyte, RAID 5 equivalent (very safe), and guaranteed data transfer rate up to 5 Gbps for HD, 3D, 2K and 4K image files. It cues up in cues up in 4 frames. That is fast: HDCAM SR tape’s data rate is 880 Mbps; current SxS Memory Cards are rated at 800 Mbps. This is 5,000 Mbps (5 Gbps): more than 5 times faster. Ridiculous.

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