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5 Ridiculous Predictions At E3 2012

Radford C. Jun 4, 2012 0

It’s time. We’re here. Everyone’s excited to see what the publishers and Big 3 are unveiling at the press conferences and although Nintendo has gotten a jump on us with their new gamepad and pro controller, there’s still alot to anticipate. At LTG, we like to make these ridiculous claims and predictions prior to events like these and below continues this tradition.

1. Nintendo confirms that the Wii U Pro Controller is compatible with the XBox 360

After the unveiling of the Pro Controller, Nintendo will announce its compatibility with the current XBox 360. “We want our users to experiment with these controllers before they buy our console,” is what we guess Nintendo President Satoru Iwata will say. He’ll walk from behind the stage with Steve Ballmer as they chest bump and announce a partnership between the two conglomerates.

2. Vitality Sensor Expansion For The Wii U

Satoru Iwata will pull from his pocket the Vitality Sensor and attach directly to the Wii U’s gamepad. He will then jog in place and tell the audience how much his heart spins for them as the gamepad measures the heart beat sensor and animates

3. Sony announces The First Guardian

A prequel to The Last Guardian detailing how . A game that Sony plans to finish within two months to make for the sake of getting Team Ico to actually finish a game.

4. Microsoft confirms that Smart Glass is a transparent Kinect

Headline says it all.

5. Half Life 2: Episode 3 gets announced

That’ll be the day.

See you guys at E3!