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The Sony Playstaton Network is Live and Working! [Updated]

Sean W. May 14, 2011 1
Twisted Metal Sweettooth

Wanna play a game?

The PSN is up!

Gamers grab your dualshocks and jump online.  The Playstation network is back up.

The PSN went down weeks ago due to an external intrusion. Sony preceeded to take down PSN to assess the damage and add security measures, but was too late to prevent personal data to be compromised. There is now an update that will have to be downloaded and your password will need to be changed.

Sony, in effort to make up for this, is offering some freebies that include Playstation+, Qriocity and some other as to be determined free games.

Though, overall, this situation is bad for Sony, the PSN being up is good for gamers who missed our fills of Killzone 3 and Portal 2.

Btw Sony, you should probably increase the stock of your PSN cards, since many customers will most likely and rightfully so be weary of leaving credit card numbers in your hands.

Also, for everyone, log in to get the 30 days free Qriocity Music Unlimited service that reviewed pretty well.

Happy gaming everyone.

Note: I’m on the west coast of the United States and the servers are live here as of this posting.   The Playstation store is still down though Music Unlimited, online play, MLB.TV and Netflix are working.


Looks like the roll out is in phases, most of the East Cost of the U.S. and California are live.  The Playstation blog has a map of the United States showing which states are live.  It reminds me of a CNN political watch.

Follow it here