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7 States Now Oppose T-Mobile/ AT&T Merger; Rick Perry and Many Democrats Support Merger

Sean W. Sep 17, 2011 1

AT&T Eating T-Mobile

Sprint and the Department of Justice now have a few more friends when it comes to opposing the AT&T / T- Mobile merger.  7 states have jumped in and said that this merger is a bad idea.

The states in favor of stopping the merger are New York, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington.  The attorney general of New York Eric Schneiderman was quoted saying, “This proposed merger would stifle competition in markets that are crucial to New York’s consumers and businesses, while reducing access to low-cost options and the newest broadband-based technologies.”    

11 States still endorse the deal, which are Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming.  The merger has the support off several politicians including Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry who, along with many other Democrats, all of which who have taken donations from AT&T and shown strong support.  15 Democrats recently have sent a letter to the FCC in support of the merger, because of the bad press it’s getting.  Perry had, in May, submitted a letter to the FCC in support of the merger claiming the jobs would be good for his state, which is Texas.

It must be great to have friends in high places, just like what AT&T has.  (Sorry Victor for getting a bit more political.)


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