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IK Multimedia Announces A Midi Solution For i-OS Users: iRig Midi

Sean W. Aug 18, 2011 1

irig midiIK Multimedia announced iRig Midi, a midi interface for the iPad, iPod and iPhone. It allows users to connect it to any device with midi connections allowing people to more effectively use the any software synths, drums or sequencers.

The iRig Midi connects to the iOS device via the data port. It has the standard midi in,out and through ports which are all small phone plug connections. The system comes with two phone to 5-pin midi cables so users won’t have to run out and buy special cables. The iRig Midi also has a micro USB port for charging your iOS device allowing users to use this for as long needed.

It comes with a free version of Sampletank so users can jump right in. It uses the CoreAudio standard meaning any midi compatible app can be controlled via midi with this device.

IK Multimedia