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A Retro GameDock For The iPhone and iPad

Sean W. Jul 6, 2012 0

GameDock Kickstarter Project

The GameDock is the brainchild of Chris Jorgensen and Andi Greisel and it turns an iPhone into a retro game console.  It is a “dock” similar to others on the market.  It features a HDMI output and two USB inputs for NES style controllers.  The idea was conceived by Jorgensen, a game developer, who was looking to solve the problem with game controllers for the iPhone.  The dock will work with an iPad or an iPhone and the duo is hoping to build upon this product and create a retro gamers platform for the iOS market.

For those people foaming at the mouth thinking about the GameDock, if you pledge more than $100 you’ll get a ready to play product early. Larger pledges will include the controllers and cables while bigger pledges of $250 will get you two GameDock packages with the cables and controllers.

They company is expecting to have the GameDock ready by December 2012.