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Access Has Started A Cash-Back Program For Legacy Virus Owners

Sean W. Jul 31, 2012 0

Access Music has announced a new cash back program for owners of the classic pre-Virus TI products.  Anyone with one of the qualifying legacy products and who purchases a new product will get cash back from Access Music.

Access Music is not asking for the old TI products to be sent back to them, but using this promo as a means to convince legacy users to upgrade to the latest version.  Everyone participating in the cash back promo will have to provide the products owned and the serial number, a copy of the receipt of the purchase of the new Access TI product and about 30 days to process the information.  The company will either Paypal, wire or send a check to the user.  Here are the price breakdowns for the products:

Access Virus TI Snow 100 Euro / $125
Access Virus TI2 Desktop 150 Euro / $175
Access Virus TI2 Polar 200 Euro / $250
Access Virus TI2 Keyboard   200 Euro / $250

The forms and information can be found at the link below and this promotion runs from August 1st to October 31st, 2012.  The qualify products are the following: Virus A, Virus B/KB, Virus Classic, Virus Rack, Virus Indigo, Virus Indigo Redback, Virus C/KC, Virus Rack XL, Virus Indigo 2, Virus TDM, Indigo TDM, Virus for TC PowerCore.

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