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Acer confirms quad-core Android and Windows tablets for 2012

Radford C. Nov 30, 2011 0

With CES 2012 less than six weeks away, you can expect a lot of product announcements coming through the pipeline and Acer is no exception.

In a T3 interview, Acer President Jim Wong said, “You may have seen some leaked stories in the media relating to Acer launching a new quad-core tablet and I can confirm these stories are true.” The Verge then speculated that the new tablets would probably be running Android 4.0 (aka Ice Cream Sandwich).

Additionally, Wong also mentioned that Acer is “the only company selling Windows 7 tablets in volume” and noted they plan to do the same with “second generation” Windows tablets which is likely to be making use of Windows 8. This is To date, HP, Samsung, Dell, Asus and now Acer have now announced their commitment to Windows 8 tablets – a far cry from what one analyst has said about Windows 8 tablets being dead on arrival.

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