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Adobe Flash To Expire Tomorrow On Android

Radford C. Aug 14, 2012 0

Tombstone Of Adobe Flash

Tomorrow will be an interesting day. Flash for Android will cease to exist tomorrow.  What does this mean for owners of Android handsets and tablets? Adobe Flash for Android will no longer be available for download on the Google Play Store.  Back in the days, Flash was once one of the most prevalent platforms to build apps and games on. In some cases, like the PC, it still is. Just ask Zynga. But as more content and games extend into the mobile space, the need for a plug-in for premium content will be minimized. HTML5, barring its finalized standards, will continue the trend in pushing richer content into the mobile world.

Back in June, Adobe made it official and would limit access to Flash on August 15th.

Companies Flip Flop on Flash

That news followed Adobe’s earlier announcement in November of 2011 where it said it would no longer be developing the platform for Android and other mobile platforms. Yet, Adobe continued to develop updates to the Flash Player for Android 4.0, and began conflicting reports over support for Android.

Prior to those events, Microsoft said that “Adobe Flash is not a good match with Metro style browsing and the modern HTML5 web” in Windows 8 tablets as far back as September 2011. Now, just a few months away, Windows 8 tablets will hit stores and will have a limited version of the plug-in – mostly for the desktop browser of Windows 8.

The Eventual Death

Adobe knew this and began creating software for HTML5 authoring under the codename Edge back in August 2011, which may have triggered OS developers to reconsider Flash a viable mobile platform. Edge, which is now available as a previewable product, could accelerate Flash’s demise.

In any case, this marks a significant day for the platform that has generated as many memes and helped certain animators gain a level notoriety. It also signals an actual end over the battle between HTML5 and Flash to wind down between those with Android devices and those using the iPhone and iPad.

For more about Flash’s 8 year history, check out Francisco Kattan’s “The Death Of Flash“, it’s a great read regarding Flash’s colorful history.

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