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Adobe Photoshop Touch Now Available on the iPad

Victor B. Feb 27, 2012 4

Let me say this again.  ADOBE PHOTOSHOP (Touch) is now on the iPad!  Bottom line:  Starbucks locations close to graphic design firms better get more chairs.  Most people already know what Photoshop is, it’s become a verb in the English language.  So I don’t know what else I can say other than as a complement to full – blown Photoshop which is pretty expensive, Photoshop Touch is only $9.99.  That even beats out Photoshop Elements, and you still get layer editing, selection tools, adjustments and filters.  There are some limitations, of course, and one big one is the maximum image size is 1600×1600, so billboard graphic designers beware.  The iOS 5 app requires the iPad 2.

Via »Adobe Blogs

  • Me

    Vic, it's NOT on Android. Adobe Photoshop express is….not the same thing

    • Victor B.

      @me Sorry about that, my bad, I was mistaking Photoshop Express… thanks and fixed!

  • Jason Phile

    Plus, the app only works with 1600 x 1600 pictures. 2MP pictures. Lame

    • CarlosGomez

      Vic said that in the article you doof