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Alan Wake’s “American Nightmare” Is Full of Action and Chainsaw Wielding Maniacs

Sean W. Dec 19, 2011 0

Alan Wake American Nightmare 1

Alan Wake’s next adventure is going to be a downloadable title rather than a full retail release.  It is called “Alan Wake’s American Nightmare” and will be more action packed rather than a suspenseful thriller.

This new game was inspired by cult action movies that come on late at night.  In the game, Alan Wake seems to be chasing down an evil doppelganger called Mr. Scratch all awhile fighting countless “beings” along the way.  There looked to be large Resident Evil style executioners in this game that is caring some type of saw that I’m sure means instant death if it hits you.

They’ve also included a “hoard” mode to the game called “Fight Till Dawn” where you’ll fight waves upon waves of enemies.

The game is being published on the Xbox Live Arcade by Microsoft in 2012, but no price was given.  Looking at the content, I figure around $15 – $20 dollars.