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Amazon Sells More Than 4 Million Kindle Units In December

Sean W. Dec 29, 2011 0

Scrooge McDuck

Amazon is probably bathing in the money from their Kindle sales.  The company released a statement that this season was the best holiday season to date for the company and Kindle models sold over a million a week.

The Kindle Fire was the king being not only the best selling product for the company, but they also were the most gifted and most wished for.   To round out the numbers spewed from Amazon, the gifted Kindle sales were also up 175%.

That means that a few people reading this probably have a Fire.  I know of the rumors around the tablet is that is not working well and Amazon is out there trying to, a-hem, put that fire out.  Tell us what you think of the tablet and if those complainers are just talking loud?