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Amazon spins Silk as the browser to revolutionize mobile computing

Radford C. Sep 28, 2011 0

Amazon-Silk-Browser-Kindle-FireAside from the announcements of the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch, Amazon also announced the Silk Browser – a cloud-accelerated browser “meant to revolutionize mobile computing”. The Silk Browser works in tandem with Amazon’s cloud servers (probably the S3 servers) and it functions like the Skyfire browser where videos, images, etc. are dynamically compressed to make browsing faster. But the “significantly faster” part comes through the cloud where Amazon’s browser tries to predict what links you might hit and will begin to cache the information ahead of time.

Sounds good except for one thing – security. While storing your personal trends and data is nothing new to many other online services, this one will probably be used to target advertising more accurately. Incidentally, it’s safe to assume that the data they capture will probably be some very personal stuff in those servers. Would you like Amazon learning to pre-cache your personal stuff (e-mail, social networks, all those little secrets many of you keep around)? We know some of you worry more than others.

While some users will probably frown upon such techniques, this is similar to what Google already does. It analyzes our browsing habits and personal info to bring more user-specific advertising. Check out Amazon’s Slik video after the break.

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