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AMD cuts price of FX CPUs to give room for the new ones

Radford C. Feb 28, 2012 0
AMD 8-Core FX Series CPU

AMD 8-Core FX Series CPU

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen the AMD 8-core Bulldozer CPU make its rounds through last year’s E3. Now it gets a nice discount thanks to the debut of two new Bulldozer CPUs. These CPUs are still designed to dethrone Intel’s reign on higher end CPUs with better value. It almost (actually – it does) send a mixed message over whether AMD is really giving up on the arms race of the fastest CPU. AMD has sure been though alot though, after getting blasted with weak reviews, AMD has been mum about its future plans. In any case, you get the discount. Here’s probably what you want to know regarding the new CPUs – speed:

FX-6200 FX-4170
CPU Base 3.8GHz 4.2GHz
CPU Turbo Core 4.1GHz 4.3GHz
TDP 125W 125W
Cores 6 4
L2 Cache 6MB 4MB
L3 Cache 8MB 8MB
Max DDR 3 1866 1866

Via »Engadget