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AMD’s Radeon HD 6990 spotted

Radford C. Jan 24, 2011 0

Is AMD working the rumor mills on its latest card? Here we see the purported 6990 being held by Matt Skynner – AMD’s graphics team manager. The dual-chip card was held up and it seems like it showed a vapor chamber cooling system which is similar to the NVIDIA’s 500 series cards.

Specifications have also leaked on this monster and it looks to have made a major jump over the 5970. Each chip would have 1,920 shader (visual effect) processors and would combine to provide a total of 3,840 shaders versus the 5970’s 3,200. What does that all mean?

It could look better than this (maybe not that much better…but  yeah):

Each processor would have about 2GB of RAM for a total of 4GB, giving it the power to  handle six monitors using Eyefinity.

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