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Andrew’s Day 2 At E3 2012

Andrew Lee Jun 12, 2012 0

While re-cooperating from the string of events that made up the first day of E3, the second day was literally only a few hours away.  Even though the day opened up just like the last, I was glad that we didn’t have to run around LA just to get our work done.  While there were plenty of things to satisfy my curiosity, the main attraction that day was the Perfect World Entertainment booth until I got side tracked and had the opportunity to meet some celebrities.

While trekking around in the South Hall, I instantly got distracted by the appearance of Holly Lee, Arika Sato, plus Joe and Bart from Just Kidding Films.  I guess some of you could imagine how excited I was to go ahead and meet them. Video games, beautiful girls, and Just Kidding Films, sure kicked the day off quite well.  Of course, by the time I had uploaded them, I was already getting the envy of my peers back in the Bay Area.  Of course, they were all pretty cool and down to earth.  It was actually quite amazing to watch in person how both guys can quickly be one personality and then suddenly get into character with a snap of a finger.

Despite the entertaining ladies over at the Namco Bandai booth and JK Films, it was time to get back to work.  After a brief misunderstanding at the PWE booth, Rad and I got the chance to get hands on with the Neverwinter MMO.  On top of that, we had Lead Designer Zeke Sparkes, talking about the game with us playing and answering our questions which was a pretty cool experience.  Its not everyday that you get to personally meet a lead designer of a video game.

Still feeling the energy of meeting such extraordinary people, it was a good feeling to have even with the burden of hauling my laptop and other gear around.  With one more day to go, I focused on putting together all the details and events that had transcended that day.  Even so, it was hard to believe that tomorrow was the last day.  Which meant for me, the last chance to get over to the EA booth and prove to myself how good the Medal Of Honor Multiplayer really is.