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Andrew’s Day 3 At E3 2012

Andrew Lee Jun 17, 2012 0

The day opened up just like every other day, with the exception of being that it was our last chance as a group to wrap up and follow up on the things we wanted to see.  So I started my day off with going to the EA booth in South Hall to go see Medal Of Honor: Warfighter.  Being the first thing to go to that day was great since there wasn’t a long line present.  The experience of trying the game out for the first time was exciting to say the least.  Even so, it was somewhat hard to grasp that this would be the last day of fun, or work depending on how you looked at the picture.

Looking back, some people just don’t realize what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to the games we all love to play.  At the same time being there, it felt like the mecca of all video games and that everyone should at least experience it once in their lifetime.

Besides the high profile games that people expect, games that no one ever expects or anticipates can catch you off guard.  For example, the experience we got when we saw Watch Dogs, or when I happened to stumble on Age of Wushu.  Nowadays, everything has a large amount of graphics and visual effects.  There’s something for everyone to love, even if it is Dance Central.

But in all seriousness as a whole, gaming is certainly moving with the future.  Even if its moving in a direction that’s more focused more on micro-transactions or a free to play model, you’ll be certain to see it every year at E3.  For the four days that I was there, it was certainly a memorable experience, especially meeting the driving force behind these games and trying them out for yourself.  I’m certainly looking towards next year and of course, being more prepared for the masses.