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SMS Backup+ Review (Android)

Tony Hannides Jul 31, 2011 0

from seejennlive.wordpress.comIf you’ve ever been in a situation where your text messages were lost forever, it wasn’t a good feeling. Maybe the phone was lost, dropped in water, or just needed to be wiped. Usually media, email, calendar and apps can be recovered. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t have a standard Google Sync for text messaging. I have found a great solution to that: SMS Backup+.

It truly lives up to its name. SMS Backup+ is a free app that can be downloaded in the Market. Once downloaded, the app will ask for permissions to download the text messages into a subfolder in your Gmail account. It couldn’t be simpler. This allows one to log in to Gmail on the desktop and look at the same text conversation you had on the phone. And before you ask, it DOES backup picture messages as well.

So far, I’ve used this on a Moto Droid, Droid X, HTC Incredible, HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Incredible 2 and the LG Revolution. I swear by this app and recommend it to you all.


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