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Angry Birds Friends extends Rovio into the social gaming market

Radford C. May 25, 2012 0

Angry Birds Friends

The ineffable yet lovable Angry Birds who’ve dominated the mobile charts is now making their way into the gaming section of the social network giant. Angry Birds Friends, which has been in the beta nest for quite some time, has finally left the coop and migrated into the warm embrace of its rabid fans. Basically, Angry Birds Friends is Angry Birds for Facebook, announced a few months back prior to beta.

As for what it brings to the table in the social gaming scene, Angry Birds Friends includes tournament mode, new weekly levels, and new ways to earn power-ups, rewards, and, of course a ton of trash talking. Much similar to free-to-play games and the Zynga model, Angry Birds Friends will be making use of microtransations such as offering $1 power-ups.

Unlike most of Zynga’s games, you won’t have build up any farms or empires or ask for extra oil or dirt to help ones mission. Instead, Angry Birds Friends will be providing trophies. Tons of them – From Monday to Sunday, Rovio will be awarding the top players and provide new levels and events.  Professional Angry Bird sling shooters will be awarded gold, silver and bronze trophies to those breaking out with the highest overall scores and work similarly to achievements on XBox 360.

In some ways, Angry Birds Friends already has a direct competitor called Kickmania. But instead of slinging birds to their demise, you can kick any of your friends’ asses. Really. They’ve had a four year head start. Check that out too.

Via »Rovio Blog