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Angry Birds on the Web – Click, Download and Install Now

Radford C. May 13, 2011 0

Angry Birds Everywhere!
If you haven’t heard the news on playing Angry Birds on your browser, here’s your chance. So is this any different from the mobile and console versions? Yes. See inside for more details.

Angry Birds, one of the most popular video games around that has so far been available only on mobile phones and tablets, is now also available for your computer.

Like a true web app, there’s no software to download or install and all it requires is a web browser. Since you have that already, just head over to and start crushing the green pigs.

Angry Birds is official available as a Chrome app but if you use the address, you can play the game inside any web browser including IE. Also, you may switch to the SD version of the game available at if your playing on a less-powerful netbook.

If you’re playing on Chrome, you get new web-exclusive Chrome-inspired levels. Cool deal.

Download and Install on Chrome

Download on all other browsers

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