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Angry Birds Signs With Philadelphia Eagles As “Undrafted Free Agents” (Video)

Radford C. Jun 14, 2012 0

It’s a real joint partnership between Rovio and the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles that doubles as a gag. It’s the first time Rovio will be partnering with a professional sports team (that seems friendly to birds). So why not the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons or the Baltimore Ravens? “Naturally because they’re The Birds and we want to take our anger out on The Pigs… uh… I mean foes of the NFC East,” replied Red Bird after Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid introduced the new members of the team.

Eagles’ Senior VP of Business Ari Roitman was a key partner of the deal hoping to connect with Eagles fans using mobile and social media. Arguably, Angry Birds is synonymous with mobile gaming so partnering with Rovio is a key way for the team to continue making inroads with new fans who have grown up with mobile gaming, gadgets and social media. “We’ve got to think about the generation that’s coming into the prime years for loyalty — who are they going to choose and what are they going to choose more importantly?” he told the Journal. “Is it going to be football or another form of entertainment. This is very much a play for that younger generation.”

So what about the other NFL teams getting potential deals with Rovio or other similar companies? Well, there are still plenty of other characters left on the Angry Birds roster who can be drafted on other bird-based teams. And, there’s also The Pigs as well.

Do you think partnerships like this could work well for both parties? Or is this is mostly a quick viral gag to take advantage of both the NFL and Rovio IPs. Sound off in the comments below.

Via »WSJ