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Apogee Compatibility Information For OS X Lion

Sean W. Jul 22, 2011 0
Apogee Duet

"I Got Beta Drivers! Yay!"

Apogee have released compatibility information for users of their products.  All users of Apogee products should refer to this list to know what is the state of your current hardware and if they will work in OS X Lion.

  • Beta Drivers exist for the Duet 2, they just need to be downloaded here.
  • The drivers for the Ensemble are expected in September this year
  • The GIO guitar system in completely compatible, drivers can be found here.
  • There is no software required for JAM
  • The ONE hardware is partially ready.  Full Maestro compatibility is expected in August.  The low latency mixing is not currently working with Lion, Audio Midi Setup and Logic 9.1.4.
  • Symphony I/O has beta drivers.
  • Drivers for the Duet are expected in August.
  • No information was announced regarding the Symphony 64 with any X-Series or Rosetta Series breakout boxes.
Apogee has requested that anyone who has their hardware to check first for compatibility, and not upgrade until the correct drivers are released.  Registered users will be notified by email when the software is ready for downloading.