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App of The Week: Battle Bears Royale [Android & iOS]

Tony Hannides Sep 19, 2011 0

Wanna fight? With Guns? As a bear?! Crazy right? I know! I met the CEO and founder of Skyvu Pictures back at GameBeat 2011. He was a young entrepreneur from Nebraska who created a game that would be attractive to hardcore gamers, but visually humorous so concerned parents would allow their young ones to play. There’s no blood, just rainbows. This game will be available cross-platform on Android and iOS most likely for free! The game is a 3rd person shooter that uses onscreen controls very smoothly. Just like any other shooter game, the better you are, the more you can level up with games, armor and skins. You know what, I’ll let Ben explain:


If you can’t wait until then, check out their other titles in the Android Market and the App Store: Battle Bears -1, Battle Bears: Zombies, Battle Bears BLAST and Talking PANDA!


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