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Apple is Making an iPen??

Tony Hannides May 24, 2012 0


This news was hard to believe but it seems that Apple has filed for a stylus patent. Unlike Android or WP7.5 devices, iOS screens do not have haptic feedback. If created, it seems this “iPen” might have that technology as well as visual and audio depending on the pressure exerted onto the screen. Yes, it will have mini speakers in the pen. Reminds me of a VTech toy for kids. It’s strange that Apple would even go this far since Jobs made such a big deal about how inconvenient styli can be. But times are changing and more people are finding styli to be useful, helpful and sometimes required. Apple went as far as saying that their future “iPen” would work with programs like Autodesk. I personally like styli so I welcome Apple’s take into that arena. What about you?

ipen side view

Via »PatentlyApple