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Apple’s iPad Mini is Rumored for a Q3 Launch

Tony Hannides Apr 16, 2012 0
mini ipad concept

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The latest rumor regarding a smaller iPad is starting up again. If the source’s information is true, then we might see a 7.85″ iPad in Q3 of this year. The source speculated that the launch would coincide with the future Windows 8 tablets that might be a good competitor in the market. Plus at a lower price of around $249 to $300, it would be more affordable to those who might have bought a cheap Android tablet because they couldn’t afford an iPad. If true, this move is very un-Apple; rather it’s very un-Jobs.

In the past, Apple hasn’t fallen to the woes of the population’s need for lower priced technology. When netbooks started to become popular, Apple launched the MacBook Air. When cheap MP3 players got on the market, Apple sold a iPod Shuffle for $100. And considering the New iPad is just now launching in 21 countries this month, it would be illogical for them to bring another tablet so soon. Yes, I know Android OEMs do this every month, but that’s Android. Apple doesn’t generally add to their hardware lineup twice in the same year.

However, if the rumor is true, then having a 7″ iPad Mini might be a nice addition to their already popular line up. There are a few users that buy 7″ Android tablets only because a 9″ screen is just too large. Would you buy an iPad Mini? What other specs would it need in order for you to get one? Let us know!

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