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Apple losing Green Credibility with Macbook Battery

Andrew Lee Jul 12, 2012 0

apple LogoThe latest Macbook Pro with Apple’s Retina display seems to have been designed in preventing anyone from replacing its battery. According to a report by ifixit, it seems that Apple has designed the latest Macbook Pro in a way that even professional techs are unable to extract the battery fully intact. Their test resulted in puncturing the battery on the 2nd day of extraction, and concluded the teardown. While it may be Apple’s business plan to sell more products, this is not without an effect on the environment.

As of recent, Apple withdrew its products from the EPEAT registry. EPEAT is a leading global environmental rating system for electronic products, which Apple was an early supporter of. Current members of EPEAT are companies like Dell, Sony, and Hewlett-Packard. These companies continue to maintain their membership with EPEAT. EPEAT rates electronics on a bronze, silver, and gold standard.  Each of the standards have different criteria that the product has to meet before qualifying for that level. Before its withdraw, new Apple products were often EPEAT Gold Certified and widely advertised since 2007.

While environmentalists may be the main critics of Apple because of this recent move, the Department of Environment of San Francisco is irked at Apple’s withdrawl from EPEAT.  As of which, the department has stated that city funds can no longer be used to purchase Apple computers and laptops.  This decision does not have an effect on other Apple products such as the iPad or iPhone as EPEAT does not register phones or tablets.

From here, only the future can tell whether Apple made the right decision of making the battery for the Macbook Pro non-removable.  If it comes down to it, should we expect a model that caters to such a feature?

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