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Apple’s Siri says Nokia Lumia 900 is the best smartphone ever

Radford C. May 11, 2012 0

You’d think that Siri would be a little bias with the question “What’s the best smartphone ever”. While the most obvious answer would be the latest version of the iPhone, Apple’s virtual assistant informs its owner that the 4GLTE-enabled Nokia Lumia 900 takes the cake. She even recommends the Cyan version.

Siri’s surprising answer is based on Wolfram Alpha’s findings which points to the Lumia 900 as “the best smartphone ever” when queried on the site itself. Wolfram Alpha consolidates all the customer review ratings across various publications, websites, e-commerce sites, etc.

At least based on customer feedback alone, Siri does answer the question albeit with a debatable result.

The Lumia 900 is currently one of the most highly rated phone by customers and an above average rating from top media outlets. Mashable mentioned that the Lumia 900 is “by far the best Windows Phone ever made” while CNET said that it is the “best version of Windows Phone to date”.

Even more interesting are the reader comments from Apple Insider:

  • Looks like someone at M$ ad company actually had a good ideal and made sure it come up that way.  Give that guy a bonus
  • That’s actually not Siri’s personal response… That’s a response pulled from Wolfram Alpha, which is the backup resource if Siri can’t find the info herself.
  • What kind of moron would ask their iPhone 4S what the best smartphone in the world is?!?!
  • The kind that was hoping to get to stoked about it in front of their friends and then got embarrassed :)
  • Humble. I like that.
  • Based upon this story, we can see that while slightly embarrassing for Apple, the results are not being manipulated unduly.  This makes Siri’s results more trustworthy.

Some readers were able to replicate the answer, while others could not. Some are saying that Siri will put its answer in a locational context.  To replicate, turn Siri off then back on before asking a question. Some tried but failed altogether and came out with less relevant results:

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