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As the rumur mill churns: The latest Wii U specs

Radford C. Dec 4, 2011 0

Wii U ConsoleA Japanese developer is said to have leaked Nintendo’s up and coming Wii U system’s specs. How accurate these specs are not confirmed at this point but it’s sure fun as hell to pretend we know what’s really inside that new box. Wii U Daily report states, “developers who have access to the console that the Wii U is ‘50% more powerful’ than the Xbox 360 and PS3.”
The source states the Wii U specs to be:

  • 768 MB of DRAM “embedded” with the CPU, and shared between CPU and GPU
  • Quad Core, 3 GHz PowerPC-based 45nm CPU, very similar to the Xbox 360 chip.
  • Unknown, 40nm ATI-based GPU

They also report that “Nintendo has been testing two versions of the console, one with 768 MB of RAM, and one with 1 GB. The RAM is also made by IBM and is embedded with the processor on the same die/silicon, which results in more bandwidth.” PC Mag then investigated the rumor, analyzed the leak and began coming up with their own conclusions to verify the validity to rumors..

PC Mag reports:

And then there’s the memory issue. Or, in other words, the questioning of whether Wii U Daily just got its phrasing wrong, or whether anything it’s reporting has any accuracy to begin with. The website claims that Nintendo is testing versions of the Wii U with both 768MB and one gigabyte of “embedded” DRAM. In other words, eDRAM, of which the current-generation Xbox 360 has 10MB and the Wii has 3MB. A console with 768 megabytes of eDRAM would be both prohibitively expensive and likely not fit in one’s living room.
While it’s been suggested that Nintendo’s successor console will come with a large quantity of embedded DRAM, a more likely scenario – a completely unofficial speculation, we should note – is that the main memory of the Wii U will hover around 768MB or one gigabyte and the eDRAM will come in at 32MB. For comparison’s sake, the system’s main memory would be a bit beefier than the 512MB currently found on today’s Xbox 360. As for the eDRAM, that’s still a high amount for a gaming console, but the Wii U will certainly need all it can get for displaying its images at a native 1080P resolution.

Again, these leaks are not verified and we can safely assume that Nintendo will not offer up any type of verification on this matter until they are good and ready. CES anyone?

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