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AT&T Gives Waco and Fayetteville 4GLTE

Tony Hannides Aug 16, 2012 0
at&t 4glte logo

Image Courtesy of AT&T Wireless

AT&T has announced a few cities will be getting the new lightening fast 4GLTE network today. Waco, Texas and Fayetteville, Arkansas and their respective surrounding communities will be the lucky ones to get 10 times faster speeds than 3G connections.

“Expansion of high-speed mobile Internet access across Northwest Arkansas is like building a bridge to the future,” said state Representative Uvalde Lindsey. “It will help connect the best of what communities like Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers and Bentonville have to offer to economic opportunities across the globe. It will encourage investment. It will help create jobs.  I am very pleased AT&T has made such a significant investment in our communities.”

So if you’ve got that Lumia 900, Samsung Galaxy S III or Motorola Atrix HD, fire it up and enjoy your faster speeds.

Via »Phandroid