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AudioSauna Brings Sounds From The 80’s To Their Cloud Based Music Program

Sean W. Mar 14, 2012 0


Remember AudioSauna, the free cloud based music program that can be access from Google’s Chrome browser.  Well the company behind the program, Native Solutions, have been working to make the program even better.  Recent updates have added more drums sounds as well as 80’s style sounds for people to use.

First of, they’ve added 20 sounds to the FM synth.  The sounds are modeled after the Yamaha DX-21 synth from the ’85 and along with the 20 new patches, they’ve fixed some bugs, fixed some tuning issues and more.

The other update has added new synth drum sounds to the program.  It is a analog emulated drum synth full with oscillators rather than samples.  Both updates are automatic, as the program is cloud based, and when you launch the program, the changes should be waiting for you.

Here is an audio example of the drum synth in action.