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AudioSauna Upgrades Their Channel Mixer In Their Cloud Recording Program

Sean W. Mar 21, 2012 0

AudioSauna Mixer

AudioSauna is a cool audio production software is free on the Chrome browser and gives users a cloud based music production solution.  The team has announced a new channel mixer within the program that extends the max number of channels among other things.  In addition to the mixer update, the team has also announced they are reached 150,000 installations on the Chrome browser, all within 3 months.

Here are the details of the new mixer:

  • The mixer’s interface was improved and re-designed.
  • The volume sliders now use the logarithmic dB scale to control and indicate gain settings.
  • The maximum number of channels was lifted from 8 to 10.
  • The bug which caused the panning to function incorrectly at low gain levels was fixed.
  • The arrange mode’s channel list has a new design and better functionality.
  • The bug which caused the mutes and solos to be out of sync with the channel list was fixed.
  • Separate snap to grid options were added to arrange and piano roll modes.
  • FM-synth has new design on the sliders.
  • Minor usability improvements and bug fixes around the application.