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Auto-Tune Inducted into the TECnology Hall of Fame

Sean W. Dec 22, 2010 3

Antares Auto-Tune has been inducted into TECnology hall of Fame for it’s excellence in audio.

Other Inductees are the Sennheiser MD-421 microphone, Gilad Keren & Meir Shaashua for the first paragraphic EQ (Waves Q10) and James Lansing for the first recording studio monitors.

Dr. Harold Hildebrand, a scientist who helped develop the first standalone workstation for seismic data, is the creator of Auto-Tune.   After years of working in Geology, he came to the audio industry and produce several audio plug-ins but hit pay dirt with Auto-Tune.

Auto-Tune is a pitch correction plug-in.  It has been used on countless artists for subtle tuning control to major computer effects almost to the point if it being an instrument of it’s own.  There have been hardware units in production in the past also, but the plug-in is the most popular.

Today Auto-Tune is available for just about every recording platform and similar products have been released by competitors.  It is also available for iPhone as a plug-in for the on-the-fly T-Pain effect called I Am T-Pain.

Congrats to Auto-Tunes success, maybe we’ll get a remix version of this announcement.

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