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AutoRap for Android and iOS

Tony Hannides Jul 19, 2012 0

autorap header

From the makers of Magic Piano, I Am T-Pain and Glee Karaoke comes AutoRap. This app will allow anyone with a pulse and a voice become a rap superstar. Also if you think you know how to rap/flow, the app will correct bad rapping. It uses Smule’s patented “rapification” technology map out the sound of your voice to the song’s beat; all you have to do is talk. There are 2 modes, Talk Mode and Rap Mode.

autorap visuals

Talk Mode is where you literally talk into your device’s mic normally. You don’t need to think of a beat or go to a melody. In fact, there’s no music; it’s added afterwards. Rap Mode is for those who want to rap to their favorite songs by their favorite artists like Snoop Dogg, Nelly (hah) and Tupac. At first it sounds like karaoke, but this app will fix your mistakes (to the best of its abilities). Once you’ve recorded your rap and you like what you’ve heard, share it on Facebook, Twitter and email. You have more sharing options on Android than iOS. Unfortunately, you cannot save the shared song to your computer without the proper recording tools. I tried to share through SoundCloud but it wouldn’t let me.

The app is a lot of fun. Sure it’s cheating and doesn’t really make you a true musician, but it’s a free app that fills the void of boredom. Even if you’re not a rap fan, you have to admire the app’s technology and creativity. Nice one Smule. If you want to hear a demo, click here and it’s ME rapping. Actually, I’m doing an audio demo of the app while using the app.

As I mentioned, the app is free, however it is limited. In order to take advantage of the better songs you must pay to play. Otherwise, you’ve got a few “free” ways you can get songs but they require other app downloads or service agreements. This is pretty common with Smule’s business model for their free apps but it seems to work.

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