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Go back in time with a DeLorean External Hard Drive

Radford C. Dec 1, 2010 0

You know we had to. Complete with movable doors and hood, this external hard drive speaks all kinds of awesome. The only thing that doesn’t speak to me is its price – a whopping $250 for a 500GB Hard Drive. For $250, you can get 3-4 boring Seagate drives. Throw in the Sports Almanac for 2012 and I’ll definitely pick that up.

But does your external drive have a flux capacitor that can punch it at 88?

You would think they would put locate the USB port on top of Mr. Fusion as opposed to its exhaust areas.

There are cheaper drives that serve more as USB stick drives but they look a bit off like this WRX with its elongated exhaust.

I like big butts and I cannot lie

There is also the less nerdy GT-R for the rest of the car heads out there but looks just as cool

The Nissan GT-R

Big ups to Flash Rods for that.